Paper bags Poznan

Eco-paper bags are an economic version of packages.

Their production is eco-friendly. They are biodegradable.

Care about the good condition of our planet is not unfamilar to you? Would you like to gain profits from your pro-ecologigical attitude, creating the identification of an aware brand? To pack your products use paper eco-bags. In our offer you will find paper eco-bags with printing, in variuous refinement options. We recomend handy twist handle paper eco-bags and the cheaper models without handle, but also catering bags with reinforced bottom, in which you can pack all the food to go ordered in a restaurant. Get to know the available colors, sizes and print methods. Select shopping eco-bags perfectly tailored to the needs of your shop, warehouse, restaurant or other firm!


In case of eco-bags we apply two printing methods:

Both methods are based on eco-friendly water inks.



Paper bags with logo - where can you use them?

Eco-bag with a printing will be perfect for bakeries, sweet shops, snack bars, catering firms and other gastronomy locals. Eco-bags can be used in boutiques and beauty supply shops for packing sweets, exclusive alcohols, coffees, souvenirs or presents. They are also used in Internet shops, looking a good method for exclusive packaging of their shippments.

Minimalistic eco-bag with printing allows you to underline your ecological awareness and passion for zero waste trends. At the same time it is a perfect advertisement medium. On the surface of a paper bag we can place the logo of your brand, name and address of your company or a selected graphics that will become a very well tailored visual identification of a particular local, shop or business.

Our projects are not only handy eco shopping bags, but also great packages for:

  • gadgets and advertising gifts, handed out during professional trade shows, events and other promotional actions,
  • leaflets, catalogues, brochures, conspects and supplements, handed out to the participants of training courses, symposiums and conferences.

Paper eco-bags - price list

Color: Sizes:
(w. x d. x h.)
weight / paper Packing: Price of a bag without printing (price from…) Price of a bag with printing*
(price from…)
White paper bag: 18 x 8 x 21 cm 100 g/ matt 500 pcs. from 0,47 PLN from 0,90 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 18 x 8 x 21 cm 90 g/ matt 500 pcs. from 0,44 PLN from 0,87 PLN
White paper bag: 24 x 10 x 32 cm 100 g/ matt 500 pcs. from 0,52 pcs. from 0,95 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 24 x 10 x 32 cm 90 g/ matt 500 pcs. from 0,49 PLN from 0,92 PLN
White paper bag: 32 x 12 x 41 cm 100 g/ matt 400 pcs. from 0,59 PLN from 1,05 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 32 x 12 x 41 cm 90 g/ matt 400 pcs. from 0,56 PLN from 1,02 PLN
White paper bag: 50 x 18 x 39 cm 100 g/ matt 250 pcs. from 0,88 PLN from 1,38 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 50 x 18 x 39 cm 90 g/ matt 250 pcs. from 0,85 PLN from 1,35 PLN
White paper bag: 16 x 8 x 39 cm 100 g/ matt 400 pcs. from 0,65 PLN from 0,95 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 16 x 8 x 39 cm 90 g/ matt 400 pcs. from 0,62 PLN from 0,92 PLN
White paper bag: 54 x 14 x 44 100 g/ matt 250 pcs. from 0,99 PLN from 1,55 PLN
Eco-paper bag: 54 x 14 x 44 90 g/ matt 250 pcs. from 0,96 PLN from 1,52 PLN

* The price depends on: paper type, handle and refinement type, amount of copies and printing method.

Eco-bags - what printing methods do we apply?

The prints on selected eco-bags can be made with the help of:

  • offset printing – we recomend this method for eco-bags with company logo. (allows for printing maximum 4 colors),
  • digital printing method – prints in CMYK palette, allowing to gain all the colors. The prints will be perfect for placing on the bag’s surface a colorful logo, but also graphics and photos.
  • flexography – ekonomic method of placing prints on large series of eco-bags (from 6 000 pcs).

Eco bag with a print – get to know our offer!

We offer eco-bags from biodegradable kraft paper. You can select:

  • Brown eco-bags – made from recycling material, with the paper weight of 90g,
  • White eco-bags – mere resistant against wearing, available with the paper weight 90g and 100g.

Elegant eco-bag with printing, with a twist handle, perfect for shopping. Bags without handles can be used for packing company gifts or advertising flyers.

Available sizes of paper eco-bags:

The bags' measurements listed in the sequence: width x depth x high (cm)

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