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Laminated bags are a mobile business card of your company. They are made manually from certified material, sustainable, reliable and eye-catching. Made with care for every detail, they express high quality and brand prestige.

The possibility to print a small amount of copies: from 50pcs.

Laminated bags are exclusive paper bags, that will become a perfect business card of every company. In our offer we have laminated paper bags with printing, produced according to Customer’s project. Your logo, advertising slogan, company data or a desired graphic element can be placed on the bag’s surface. The whole bag is covered with a layer of matt or glossy foil. Thanks to it the varnished bags are more tight and sustainable than the standard ones and present very elegantly. Check the available forms, sizes, printing methods, handles and refinements. Select elegant paper bags, underlining the prestige of your brand.





Hot Stamping:


Laminated advertising bags - usage:

The laminated advertising bags, available in our offer are glued from high quality paper with the weight of 200g. We reinforce the bags bottom with a cardboard insert replacement, and the top fold – with a cardboard. This way we make sustainable paper packages, perfect for boutiques, elegant perfume shops, alcohol, sweets, natural food or souvenir shops.

Laminated bags can also be used as packages for advertising gadgets, company catalogues, brochures and other supplements, handed out during events, trade shows or conferences.

Laminated bags – how do we make the printings?

We apply offset printing that allows us to use the CMYK or Pantone palette and gain a beautiful color representation. Printed laminated bags can have the printings:
  • on the outside – on the whole surface of the paper bag,
  • on the outside and inside – printing 100%

laminated bags - price list

Our price list for laminated bags depends on their sizes, the type of used paper, and selected handle, but also on the printing method and refinements. We price our bags individually, considering also the amount of ordered copies.

Laminated bags sizes (width x depth x high) weight/ paper Bag’s price without printing
(price from…)
Laminated bags Mini 16 x 7 x 22 cm 200 g from 2,29 PLN
Laminated bags Mini 22 x 7 x 16 cm 200 g from 2,29 PLN
Laminated bags Classic 24 x 9 x 35 cm 200 g from 2,59 PL
Laminated bags Classic 35 x 9 x 24 cm 200 g from 2,59 PLN
Laminated bags Medi 30 x 10 x 40 cm 200 g from 2,89 PLN
Laminated bags Medi 40 x 10 x 30 cm 200 g from 2,89 PLN
Laminated bags alcohol 12 x 12 x 36 cm 200 g from 2,55 PLN
Laminated bags Maxi 50 x 12 x 37 cm 200 g from 3,52 PLN

* The price depends on: paper type, bag’s size, handle and refinement type, amount of copies and printing method.

Exclusive paper bags with logo– what refinements do we make?

We do our best to make our products meet the expectations of the most demanding Customers. Due care and workmanship, but also a wide range of refinements for your selection allow us to make exclusive paper bags that will be perfect even as Premium-Class Products.

We apply:

  • lamination with glossy foil that allows us to gain very high contrast and particularly juicy colors,
  • lamination with matt foil that gives subtler result and lower contrast,
  • lamination with matt or glossy foil combined with selective UV-varnish – the varnish makes it possible to underline an important detail (i.e. logo),
  • soft touch technology – matt foil with the characteristic high transparency,
  • hot stamping – makes it possible to cover selected elements with a golden layer, ideal for underlining company logo,
  • stamp – results in convex or concave pattern, making it possible to gain 3D-effect of a selected element.

Laminated paper bags – why are they worth ordering? Produced by Tupak

The laminated paper bag allows you to:

  • increase recognizability of your company – highest workmanship care guarrantees that the exclusive paper bags with logo present very elegantly,
  • express your support for ecology – paper is much more eco-friendly than plastic,
  • gain sustainable packages in luxurious style.

Check the available sizes and select packages tailored for your company needs. Select suitable refinement methods and gain exclusive paper bags with printing for your products or promotional campaigns. Bags with printing – Tupak Poznan!

Laminated bags - available sizes:

Our laminated bags in a vertical format:

width x depth x high (cm)

Our laminated bags in a horizontal format:

width x depth x high (cm)

And over 200 other sizes of laminated bags in constant production.

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